The team at Keller McIntyre & Associates is passionate about serving our clients. We proudly provide the following:

  • Being your Washington office
    Most sophisticated leaders know they cannot achieve results in Washington without being fully committed. You need a full-time presence. Yet, it is prohibitively expensive to deploy and operate your own organization's office in Washington. When you retain Keller McIntyre, you are hiring an entire full-time team of senior professionals dedicated to representing your organization in Washington and pursuing your goals.

  • Resource Inventory and Strategic Analysis
    Keller McIntyre professionals will work with your team on-site to conduct a comprehensive Resource Inventory during which we immerse ourselves in what you do. We identify your institutional strengths as they relate to your federal objectives. We determine the compelling federal nexus. The result of the Resource Inventory is an action plan with effective strategies for achieving your goals in Washington.

  • Competitive grant and discretionary funding
    The U.S. Government is, by far, the world's largest donor, investing billions of dollars every year in nonprofit and for-profit initiatives. But the federal government is a large, complex, and seemingly impenetrable bureaucracy.

    Keller McIntyre professionals have an unmatched track record of putting our clients in the path of federal dollars.

    Keller McIntyre grants specialists are dedicated to winning grants from every relevant federal agency and private foundation for our clients' priority funding needs. We have the capacity to handle every step of the grants process -- from drafting concept papers to writing the grant applications to handling reporting and compliance.

  • Regulatory Relief and Tax Reform
    Keller McIntyre professionals have helped corporations, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations achieve significant, and historic, regulatory relief and tax reform.

    We help our clients succeed by strategically targeting the Congress and the relevant federal agencies simultaneously. We get the key decision-makers talking with each other. When necessary, we leverage the Congress's constitutional role as the "sole power of the federal purse" to achieve regulatory relief and tax reform to protect our clients' bottom line.

  • Policy and Advocacy
    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of every citizen "to petition the Government." That is Keller McIntyre's mission on behalf of our clients - to petition the Congress and the Administration.

    The key to Keller McIntyre's successful policy and advocacy efforts is our strategic thinking. We not only design the strategy, but we implement it for success.

    Our clients' policy accomplishments have been as impressive and diverse as the clients themselves.

    There is an old saying, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will do." At Keller McIntyre, our clients tell us where they need to go. We create the map that gets them there.

  • Federal Marketing
    The bottom line is your bottom line. Our federal marketing professionals can help your corporation grow its bottom line by:
    • securing major federal contracts for your products and business solutions;
    • increasing federal sales by strategically targeting federal program managers and purchasing personnel;
    • creating, targeting, accessing, and shaping procurement opportunities.
    Keller McIntyre's winning approach has been to combine agency know-how, working relationships, and boots-on-the-ground to build support for our clients' products through the federal decision-making chain.

  • Congressional Appropriations
    Our Founding Fathers bestowed the Congress with "the sole power of the federal purse." Members and staff enjoy the exercise of that power by directing funding.

    Keller McIntyre's successful approach has always been to pursue funding from both the Congress and the Administration simultaneously. On the legislative side, we work to include language in appropriations and authorization bills that support our clients' funding requests. On the Executive Branch side we work to secure dollars through competitive and discretionary grants.

    Keller McIntyre puts our clients in the pathway of federal dollars. The question is, is your organization or corporation maximizing its federal support?

  • Strategic Development
    Archimedes famously said, "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

    Businesses and nonprofits alike can grow only through leverage. And Keller McIntyre professionals use the federal government as the fulcrum.

    Washington is the decision-making capital of the free world with an annual budget of approximately $4 trillion. We build upon relationships with public officials and utilize our knowledge of the legislative, regulatory, contracting and procurement processes to help our clients grow their bottom lines.

  • Relationship Building
    "If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog," President Truman famously said. Respectfully, "Give 'em hell, Harry" was wrong. The inner workings of the Nation's Capital are built on relationships - much like a small community. Without strong relationships in this small, highly competitive town it is impossible to achieve your federal objectives. Keller McIntyre utilizes the strong relationships its professionals have established throughout the past two decades to accomplish important objectives across the federal spectrum.

  • Coalition Fly-Ins
    What if your association membership could get in front of top decision-makers in Washington, D.C. to promote and/or protect its interests? What if you could arrive at those meetings armed with the right legislative strategies, appropriate talking points, and compelling leave-behind materials? What if you had dedicated staff in Washington to drive all of the follow-up work and press for your goals?

    You can.

    Depending on your federal objectives, Keller McIntyre will:
  • Arrange substantive meetings with Members of Congress, their key staff, agency decision-makers, and committee members and staff - even beyond your organization's geographic footprint.
  • Prepare all briefing materials and provide legislative staff support during all meetings.
  • Prepare all leave-behind materials that promote your interests.
  • Handle all follow-up work necessary to ensure that your interests remain a priority for Members of Congress and senior agency decision-makers.
  • Request the opportunity to testify before the appropriate committee.

Keller McIntyre knows the issues. We know the decision-makers. We know the process. We know how to get your voice heard in DC.

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