Keller McIntyre has a long and significant track record of success – from securing funding to obtaining regulatory relief to winning policy victories for our clients.

The case study summaries below provide you with a snapshot of what success looks like for our clients.

  • $14 Million Approved - Keller McIntyre worked with a midwestern municipality to win a TIGER grant for its priority transportation project. Working as partners, KM and the municipality leveraged its collective knowledge of the USDOT process and TIGER grant requirements with high-level engagement and necessary support to secure funding for this transformational road and park project.

  • $120 Million Approved - A large consortium of health centers formed an association to extend an expiring federal program that supports the training of physicians and dentists in medically underserved rural and urban locations. Without this program, populations in these areas would not have proper access to quality health care services. Keller McIntyre worked for two years to win reauthorization and funding for this vital program, including implementing a successful strategy to educate the Congress, and mobilizing committee members and national stakeholders for support.

  • $2.5 Million Approved - Building on previous funding successes with Keller McIntyre, a small faith-based university in a mid-western community of high unemployment wins a highly competitive grant to construct and equip a small business facility on its campus in an effort to educate, train and create small business leaders and increase employment for a three-county region. This was accomplished after Keller McIntyre helped the client develop the project concept, identified the right competitive grant, worked with the regional federal office to ensure eligibility and requirements were met, wrote a compelling application and mobilized the necessary support in Washington at the right time.

  • $10.5 Million Approved - A 24-bed critical access hospital in a western state wins one of CMMI’s 126 coveted Health Care Innovation Challenge grants to implement a partnership with other critical access hospitals and clinics to improve health care access and to reduce costs. Success came after Keller McIntyre worked closely with the federal agency to ensure a compelling project, accuracy and innovation, as well as activating and mobilizing supporters in Washington.

  • Legislative Language Included - A university in a southern state secures legislative language in a congressional bill for a program that will dramatically improve the mental health of active duty personnel and veterans.  Inclusion of this language was pursued by Keller McIntyre for approximately two years which involved meeting with Pentagon officials, drafting acceptable legislative language, mobilizing support from active duty leadership and veterans, and building support among congressional offices and committee staff.

  • $460,000 Approved - A municipality located near critical national infrastructure requests funding for a new tanker fire truck after the current truck became out of compliance because of its age.  Keller McIntyre helped to write this federal competitive grant and mobilized vital support that resulted in the win.

  • $7.1 Million Approved (in nine months) - A national home for at-risk youth looked to expand its facilities to accommodate the growing needs of troubled children.  The home relied on its own private fundraising to operate its programs, yet it needed a jumpstart in capital dollars to renovate and expand.  Working with Keller McIntyre professionals to develop a strategy and pursue funding, the home secured $7.1 million in federal funding in just nine months. 

  • $6 Million Approved - An international university located in Central America sought US federal assistance to expand its campus facilities and its science and scholarship programs.  Keller McIntyre professionals were hired to develop eligible projects, identify and pursue federal funding, and mobilize the necessary support.  As a result, the institution was awarded more than $6 million in US federal funding.  

  • Federal Rule Change Implemented - One of the largest charities in the United States, providing more than $300 million annually in medication payment assistance to over 80,000 sufferers of chronic diseases, secures significant budget relief through revised language added to the agency’s regulations in the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Manual. Throughout a twelve-month period, Keller McIntyre professionals worked closely with federal officials to draft the right revised rule language and to get it included in the rule manual and saving the client millions of dollars in pharmacy costs.

  • $2.7 Million Approved - A mid-sized municipal water authority urgently needed to improve the city’s crumbling water infrastructure.  Keller McIntyre was hired to develop the project, identify and apply for federal funding, and market the project to the local community and in Washington. In just over a year, Keller McIntyre helped secure a $2.7 million water infrastructure grant, which accomplished the municipality’s objective.

  • Major Support from Private Foundations Activated - A national residential treatment facility for adjudicated and at-risk youth had tried for years to garner the necessary attention from targeted private foundations for grant funding.  Keller McIntyre took the client back to the drawing board to inventory their resources, properly package their needs and match those needs with foundation funding priorities. Keller McIntyre also leveraged strategic relationships in Washington at the right time and with the right people, which will result in long-term support for the client's critical programs.

  • $600,000 Approved - A rural hospital located in a mid-Atlantic state has been working to improve access to care and reduce the burden on cancer patients living in remote, rural areas in the western part of the state.  Keller McIntyre was hired to help identify funding for its priority needs, including addressing the high instances of cancer in the community. Keller McIntyre worked with the hospital, DHHS, and local partners to win funding to establish a Patient Navigator Program. This three-year, $600,000 initiative will support the critical needs of the community’s cancer patients, while bridging gaps in the system to ensure residents receive high-quality cancer care. 

  • $500,000 Approved - A pre-eminent affordable housing provider in central Appalachia sought to deploy its innovative new home building model to communities and residents not eligible for other affordable housing programs. Keller McIntyre worked with the Appalachia Regional Commission and the state government to secure unprecedented funding over a five-year period to construct 60 new homes in economically distressed counties in this southern state.

  • Waiver Granted - When Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station licenses were awarded by the FCC, a national university was not among the awardees because of restrictive FCC rules making the university ineligible. After seeking the assistance of Keller McIntyre professionals, a waiver strategy was implemented and was secured from the FCC allowing the university to operate its LPFM station.

  • $3.5 million Approved - A large municipality in the western United States suffers from significant flooding due to snow melt impacting neighborhoods and small businesses. Keller McIntyre worked with the leadership at a federal agency on behalf of the municipality to provide and expedite emergency flood assistance and prevention funding.

  • $200 Million Preserved, and $900,000 Approved - A small community hospital that relied on a federal grant for operating its critical programs was concerned when the program was slated to be reduced or eliminated.  After Keller McIntyre was hired, it worked with both the Congress and the federal agency to not only help preserve the program, but to also help win a $900,000 grant from the program. 

  • $18 Million Low Interest Federal Loan Approved - A small faith-based college in the rural Midwest sought to accommodate more STEM students by building an appropriate STEM and engineering facility on its campus.  While it had already secured significant private funding, it lacked the additional funding to close the gap and begin the project. Shortly after Keller McIntyre was hired, the college was provided an innovative option through a guaranteed low interest federal loan that enabled the college to complete the project in the desired timeframe. 

  • $800,000 Approved, and $650,000 Approved - An international children's medical relief organization spent years seeking federal assistance for its critical overseas programs, but without success. When Keller McIntyre professionals were hired, it implemented a strategic process to identify and improve the organization’s program, identify and submit relevant competitive grants, and build important relationships, all of which led to approval of two federal grants for its overseas programs.

  • National Federal Grant Program Preserved - Keller McIntyre professionals worked with a consortium of five prominent hospital systems to preserve a critical NIH research and training grant program, which was slated by Congress for elimination. Literally thousands of children and their families would have been impacted if this five-year grant program were not extended. Keller McIntyre worked to mobilize the stakeholders, educate the key members of Congress, and craft and submit accurate legislation that reinstated and extended the program.

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